Physical Security Guards 

Spectral security guards are recruited based on their experience in the field and are required to undertake in-house training program and selection to guarantee best standard of service to our clients.  Spectral securities point of difference is the ability to provide tailored security services for our clients, whilst being cost effective.   

Our security services include:

  • Asset Protection Officers

  • Close Personal Protection Officers

  • Concierge and reception Security Officers

  • Covert Loss Prevention Officers

  • Customer Service Officers

  • Special events security

  • Incident Response Officers

  • Mobile Patrols & Patrol Officers

  • Retail Security Officers

  • Static Security Guards

  • Uniformed Security Officers


What we Specialise in

    • Large residential strata complexes
    • Retail stores as well as customers with very specific security requirements such as a covert security response
    • Specialised Film Industry physical security

We compliment the physical response of our guards with our transparent and informative reports provided to our clients on a daily basis which is integrated with our guard management technology that you can review and ensure you’re getting the response that you need. Gone are the days where you pay for security and don’t see any tangible results or product for your hard earned money.


Back to Base Base Alarm Monitoring

When your back-to-base alarm is armed, and it’s triggered, our highly trained response team will alert us within minutes of your alarm being activated and will respond by actioning your nominated emergency response plan. You can feel confident that, if your alarm is triggered, you’ll know almost immediately and together we can deal with any situation, quickly and appropriately.

This can be by:

  • Calling you, or
  • Sending emergency services in the event of burglary, intrusion, medical or fire.

Spectral Group utilises Monitoring Centres operates two fully functional and operational Response Centres in Australia and maintains both centres at Grade A1 level and to Australian Standard AS2201.2. The 24 hour in-house technical teams located nationally are available to respond to any fault at any hour to ensure that your premises are always monitored around the clock, regardless of natural disasters or technical issues.

To comply with the Australian Standard, both Monitoring Centres are required to maintain and have at the ready, a self-contained uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and sufficient fuel reserves onsite to support the continuous operation of the diesel generators for a minimum of 12 hours requires verification, before refuelling is necessary.

What We Monitor 

  • Burglary/Intrusion
  • Fire and Medical Alarms
  • Personal Emergency Response (PERS)
  • Personal Duress and Lone Worker
  • Facilities and Assets Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring


    The Spectral Advantage

    Best Practice - Built on the state and federal law enforcement experience of its founders, Spectral Group provide a security response that is different to most others. We are trusted by the companies that manage some of the biggest commercial properties in Australia, have high value clients on movie sets and law firms conducting sensitive investigations because of more than just our extensive experience at all levels of law enforcement and proven track record.

    Communication and Transparency - Unlike a lot of other security companies we pride ourselves on transparency, communicating with the customer and regular reporting to deliver our services, delivering a professional report at the completion of each of their shift, which includes not only photos and reports on each incident during their shift but also an activity pattern tracking report showing their physical location during patrols. We are able to deliver this level of service because not only do we provide physical security, but we invest heavily in training and mentoring our staff to ensure continual improvement in service and client expectations are exceeded.

    Service - We implement and ensure our standards across all areas of our business and are able to provide much more than just physical security, which provides greater value for money, peace of mind and a more professional service for each of our customers.